Surenie De Mel

Surenie De Mel

One artist, who has touched many young hearts in a short span of time and has always been the most favorite current artist in the near future,.

Music is always been her passion & her greatest interest. It is then she came out with the works of a classical song ‘Oba Mage Mai’ . It was a great stepping stone for Surenie De Mel which took the young artist a long way.

It was the time that saw the birth of her first hit track ‘Adarei Nam’ which was certainly a chart topping in many TV and radio stations by popular demand. Her mind blowing dance acts left audiences amazed breathing new life in to the complex arena of local entertainment. 

“I always wanted to have different types of dance acts and to bring a different flavor to the visuals”

Surenie followed up her debut single with the series of hits capturing the hearts and minds of both the young and old.

She was the first female artist, to be crowned with “The Best Dance Act Award” at Derana Music video awards 2007 and again she won “ The Best Overall Act by a Singer - Female” award at Derana Music video awards 2011.

She has participated in many concerts and shows in Sri lanka as well as in other countries and has ensured a stable name to become a finest entertainer in the country.

Songs by Surenie De Mel

Ra Sanda Pane

Sundara Me Nadhi

Sihina Lokayen

Sanda Mama Nam

Premayen Thondol


Ochcham Sitha Langa

Oba Magemai Kiya

Nil Dasin

My Prince

Mal Panchek

Horahin Balanne