Ever since he broke into the “music scene” as a member of the Illnoize crew, Infaas Nooruddin has continued to produce consecutive chart toppers.Having worked collaboratively with infamous artists including Iraj, Krishan and Ranga Dassanayaka, Infaas has been a core part of quality modern Sri Lankan music both as a solo and featured artist.

Number-one hits including J-town Story, Surangana Kirillie and Mandhira Sandhaluthala have contributed towards Infaas’ internationally recognized stardom. Currently signed with Universal Records and M Entertainment, Infaas’ most recent album titled “Iraj presents Infaas” has made record sales, delivering the true essence of modern Sri Lankan music to an enormous fan base.

Presently living in Melbourne Australia and working alongside local and international talents, Infaas’ next project is to promote Sri Lankan music to a previously untapped multinational level.

Songs by Infaas

Lokuma Fan (Sinhala FAN Song Anthem)

Nawathi Bala Sinasi

Tharu Ranak

Thani Yahane

Pema Moraa

Mandhira Sandaluthala

Kirula Pathaa


Dore Galana

Dangakaara Sihiniya


Ai Wenne Shokaa