Dinesh Subasinghe

Dinesh Subasinghe

i am a composer, i compose music by using many genres,and i invented many new styles to srilankan music. 

my main interst is to compose music to the cinema and for tv productions

im composing classical works for concerts 

i composed a symphony,trio sonata,capella and one oratorio based on lord budhha story and one string quartet , also composed music for 31 srilankan tv series 2 movies and 10 stadge plays, 

composed lord budha oratorio for the first time in the history,

invented rawan hatha ancient instrument to srilanka

won best music director award in signies awards in 2009,

student of A.R.Rahman consevtory chennai.

composed music and rearranged music for world 2nd oldest passion play known as 'duwa' passion play in 2008 and 2009

member of south indian cine musicians union,

worked for mystroe premasiri kemadasa for 8 yers.led his 

last operah orchestra,

led DEE R CEE members band in 2003-2008

played for srilanken symphony in 2002-2005(1st violin)

Songs by Dinesh Subasinghe

Sihinaya Dige Enna Film Theme Song

E Kale (The One)